NEW SUNRISE (To believe in our own sense and practice)

April 01, 2007


This is a new souvenir(free wallpapers)

When we get to where we are goning , the ride is over.

From this April, Plainjapan will be sent to you from Hokkaido.
With this time relocation, our articles and their objects are to be changed little by little.

It is my personal reason to move to Hokkaido, in short, to create new way of life there.

Not only in Japan, do all the present people in the world start to have doubt about the systems, ways of today?

About how money work in this world, human beings, our society, attitude towards the nature, religious...

"In the future, can we maintain the method, system that we have so far and make a living for good?"

Not so many people got this kind of idea now but, for example, we only have very limited time left to bring the answer to the environment concerns.

So, I have decided to move to Hokkaido from April, 2007.
I will be seeking another type of method, concept of values that are different from what we have today.
Hokkaido has a very short history in Japan and there are plenty of nature remains.
In that environment, I have thought to build our own way of living little by little, one by one but by all ourselves.

Originally, our ancient Japanese respect the nature, hence it is said that Japanese were good at to optimize scarce resource, small space from long time ago. Actually, recycling rate of our nature resource in Edo period was higher than today.
Also, we do not like the conflict, respect the association.
This might be slightly different from the present Japanese way but we did use to be before. Our nationality was such like this in the past.
People cannot live without helping each other.
In this modern ages, we may easily be under an illusion that people can live alone but what would happen if people lost the associations each other. Only by looking at the present world in Japan, the answer seem to be obvious, already.

I know we fundamentally have the respect to the nature, subtle sense, superior wisdom. I would like to awaken them in me and probably add new knowledge, such as technology, and live in a different paradigm. Different system, method from what we have today. Then I will broadcast the way I do, including what I failed, honestly.
This is what I like to do now.

People cannot live only with pretty words. We use cars, we wast water, we have to earn some moneys, too. Though I speak up such an beautiful ideology, as we live in a real world, they will gradually see the conflict and would be inconsistent.
What I mean is not to stay along with single ideology but to believe in our own sense and practice, then decide what was YES or NO.

We may make choices in that way and live, then I believe we can find our own landing point in between dream and reality.
And that way of life is exactly what I imagine as new "Japan", we Japanese could create, establish.
That "Japan" would also be helpful to other people, I do believe.

In Plainjapan from this April, the way of living itself will be the biggest theme.

For the reason stated above, we will not revise our website for some moment but I am shooting May to renew our website. Our new life will be broadcasted under the new contents named "NKK2007".

To believe in our own sense and practice

Please wait for a moment and stay tuned to see our restart. Thank you.
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