March 12, 2006

That's true.

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Spring EAT episode3

March 09, 2006

chinese noodle "RAMEN"

Chinese noodle has evolved in JAPAN.
Recently, Japanese staple food today is a ramen.....?
Actually I have never seen a person who say i hate a ramen.
of course i love it

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Spring EAT episode2

March 08, 2006


I know a man who have a nickname "UDON"

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March 07, 2006

FAKE vending machine.

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This is a window in my friend hause.

For why?
Sorry, I dont know...

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Spring EAT episode1

March 05, 2006

Spring is......

Everybody start something..
Somebody start on a journey ..

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March 04, 2006


thank you for the folks who have responded to our surveys,
we finished the first initial shipment for the stickers yesterday.
Please look forward to receiving it.
one of the most frequently asked is
"This is fun but for what you are running this website?"
Probably, it seems a little odd to
spend such a long time to create a website without any ads.
The reason why? Just because it's fun. This is all we have at this moment.
Even for us living in Japan,
we sometimes got surprised with fascination of this country.
However, as other media introduce Japan,
they are sometimes fragmentary and I as Japanese cannot strike my chord
Such a beautiful, taste, advanced and crazy country.
The whole sense is mearly expressed by any media.
We are here to introduce this aspect.
Actually, this site is also produced thru our eyes and somehow it ought to be fragmented,
but we intend to put the things that we think real without the arrangement.
Therefore, you may find some are distracted, hard to understand.
But please, please take your time and then,
I'm sure you will see whole the website is exactly "plainjapan".
Of course we aim to bring it up as an interesting business in the future.
This will also mean we can provide more to you.
Yet, now, as a previous step,
we are still in the middle to cake the fuzzy format reflect
"exactly plainjapan" slowly with try and errors.
And at this level, we liked to listen to your voice as a starter.
This is what we examined as a survey this time.
We still have lots of stickers and t-shirts,
please join us and speak up to us. Contact us and unite with us.
To tell you the story, a chinese character
"wa" which means Japan also has the meaning of union.
This is the keyowrd to support our website, plainjapan as a backbone.
We are planning to kick off the BBS in shortly,
we hope the union of you and plainjapan will be achieved here, too.

We have limited time offer(enter is Lower right of top page)

plainjapan is link free web site without any notice.

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March 02, 2006


parts after parts
These are built into the Japanese.

Sorry, tsukijiJAPAN has been late.

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March 01, 2006

"FUGU" But they are not wild.

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